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Masonite interior doors

By | 12.10.2020

Simply stated, Masonite doors will make your project more beautiful. They possess a distinctive style and flare that accent decor and even become the focus of a room or the exterior of your home.

We believe a door is more than just a door, and we never stop pushing the boundaries in helping elevate the role the door can play in any environment — inspiring customers to open to extraordinary. A passion for authentic craftsmanship and trend-forward thinking drives us to create the most distinct, innovative offering in the industry. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, we employ more than nine thousand people worldwide.

Interior and Exterior Doors

Our continued leadership, innovative spirit and authentically crafted products have earned us a reputation unsurpassed in the industry — making Masonite the brand of choice for professionals and consumers worldwide.

Masonite is the true door category leader — the only door manufacturer to serve both the residential and architectural markets. Nowhere else will you find the comprehensive and compelling product portfolios that provide the perfect door solution for every opening — from creating beautiful homes to defining world-class commercial spaces and everything in between.

Our residential doors provide the opportunity to customize the style and performance of each home, and deliver whole-home solutions with complementary interior and exterior door designs. It means applying the highest standard of ethics to every interaction, whether between employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, or anyone else.

Through ongoing teamwork and open forthright communications, we promote a culture of creativity, ownership, and excitement based on a strong commitment to our vision. Residential Architectural. Search for: Search. About Us. Defining Element. Better Environments. Our Vision. To be the best provider of building products in the eyes of our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities.

At Masonite, living our values means more than just obeying laws and regulations. Integrity is the foundation of everything we do.

Your current browser is not supported by this site.Designs to increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your home. Architectural Corporate. Search for: Search. Find the Perfect Doors for Your Home. Exterior Doors. Interior Doors. French Door. Modern Door. Exterior Doors Wood Doors Create lasting curb appeal with a hand-crafted, high-performance real wood front door. Fiberglass Doors Embody the classic allure of a real wood door with superior durability and low maintenance.

Steel Doors Secure any entrance with strong, cost-effective steel doors in a variety of styles.

Design Options & Accessories

Glass Doors Brighten up your home by introducing beautiful front and back doors with glass. Interior Doors Shop by Construction Choose between real wood doors or molded panel doors. Shop by Panels or Lites Enhance interior aesthetics with distinct panel and lite designs. Shop by Collection Achieve a distinct look with Heritage doors, French doors and more. Shop by Glass Style Distinguish your door and add privacy with opaque or textured glass. Featured Products. Featured Exterior Doors Boost curb appeal with our best-selling exterior doors.

Button Label. Featured Interior Doors Enhance interior aesthetics with our popular interior doors. Your current browser is not supported by this site.The configuration is made up of the number of doors in your entry way. If you have sidelites, include this in your door opening, too.

You can replace your entry door in two ways: 1 Replace the door panel also called a slabor 2 replace the entire pre-hung unit. The door panel is a critical part of your entry system, but not the only part. The components surrounding a door panel can impact its performance. A pre-hung unit includes the door panel along with the constructed door frame. We recommend purchasing all components as a pre-hung unit rather than buying a door slab. Learn about the framework of a door Learn how to properly measure your door.

A glass door brings in natural light and adds architectural interest to your home. Decorative Glass All decorative glass units are made with tempered safety glass and energy efficient triple-pane construction.

masonite interior doors

They come sealed and can be upgraded into a Low-E Argon filled glass kit. Many details help give glass its beauty, allowing you to create the perfect door for your home. Caming, beveling, glass pattern and glass coloration are key attributes of decorative glass.

How To Hang An Interior Door Quick and Easy

Fiberglass is a good choice for exterior doors facing extreme temperatures, exposure to the elements, and rough handling. Fiberglass doors come in smooth and textured styles.

Textured fiberglass mimics the look and feel of wood-grain making it perfect for staining. Smooth fiberglass is ideal if you want to paint your door.

Steel doors are recognized for superior security benefits as well as their insulation factor. While steel doors do not have a wood-grain, they are embossed stamped with designs that echo a true wood construction. Our embossing process produces crisp, defined patterns with lots of depth that catch the light and create a visually pleasing door.

Wood panel doors have a solid construction. However, they are engineered from various materials for best performance. For example, the panels are typically made from MDF medium density fiberboard with wood veneer laminated to the outside surface. Stiles vertical portions and rails horizontal typically feature wood veneers laminated to edge-glued wood substrates. Trim studs: Also called trimmers or jack studs, the side members of the rough opening framework.

Door frame: The combination of the vertical or side jambsand the head jamb that forms the top of the frame. The door slab is attached to one of the side jambs using hinges, then the entire frame is inserted into the rough opening and attached to the rough opening frame members header and trim studs. The sill prevents water from entering the building and keeps air from entering or escaping the building.

masonite interior doors

Door slab: Often referred to as a door, this is the piece that opens and closes on hinges without any additional components. Brickmould, or casing: The decorative trim that surrounds a doorway.

masonite interior doors

Brickmould is generally used to denote exterior; casing for interior. Wall covering: Both interior and exterior wall framing is covered by the wall. The thickness and type of covering will inform your choice of door frame the width of the jambs and brickmould or casing.

You will need the height and width.

Cendura™ Colors & Finishes

Pre-hung unit: Measure the height and width of the door opening—stud to stud, floor to header. This measurement is called the rough opening.We are committed to delivering product, service and design innovations that enhance beauty and functionality, creating greater value to our customers throughout the world. At Masonite, our culture creates an environment where people are open, honest, work well together and are focused on doing the right thing for the customer, the right thing for our teammates, the right thing for the company.

To be the best provider of building products in the eyes of our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities. Internally we embody a values-based workplace and strive to make people feel welcome, respected, appreciated and connected to our vision.

The Masonite Blueprint is our roadmap to succeed through continuously improving people, products, and processes. Residential Architectural. Search for: Search. Learn More. William H. Masonite has grown to a team of over 10, talented individuals. Our Culture. Investor Education. Latest News. Inside Masonite. Explore The Blueprint.

The right people in the right role makes the workplace more successful. View Open Positions. Your current browser is not supported by this site.Create the visual impact of a painted door without the risk of field-applied finishes. With every factory-finished painted door, Masonite Architectural infuses color-critical design elements and unmatched quality from our professionally applied finish.

Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures stunning results in every project—every time. Our Factory Finished Doors are now available in seven designer standard colors. Custom color-matching options also available. Our factory paints are available in a variety of surface materials, all of which meet the industry standard for aesthetics outlined in WDMA I.

Available in Aspiro Series. Available in Cendura Series. Get samples of any or all of our new factory painted offerings, on the surface material of your choice by filling clicking the link below. Residential Corporate. Search for: Search.

Beautiful Doors Start at the Surface. Request Samples. See the entire collection Available in both architectural and commercial series to help you complete your project.

Download the Brochure. Discover the Difference See the beauty of factory finishing for yourself. Request a Sample Now. Reach out to make your next project a success. Technical Help Our extensive library covers everything needed. Aesthetic and Quality See our color options for your project. Painted Door Color Options. Bone Gray. Winter White. Dark Mocha.Celebrate traditional craftsmanship with clean designs that blend seamlessly into your surroundings.

Create visual interest and increase airflow between rooms with slat details. Bi-fold options available. Architectural Corporate. Search for: Search. Interior Door Collections. Price: Standard-Premium. Showcase natural light and highlight your open floor plan with classic French doors. Available finish: Primed or stainable Warranty: 1 Year. Price: Economy-Standard. Epitomize traditional craftsman warmth and simplicity with wood panels and lite options.

Le Chateau. Embody the elegance and warmth of an authentic wood door with our panel collection. West End. Embrace the beauty of minimalism with the sophisticated, streamlined look of embossed lines.

Classic Molded. Go for timeless appeal with classically molded doors that complement any home. Privatize spaces with this simple, practical door design.

Heritage Doors Collection Lincoln Park. West End Doors Collection Melrose. Flush Doors Collection Oak. Louver over Panel in Primed. Plantation Louver Over Panel in Primed. Your current browser is not supported by this site.Complement any environment, from healthcare to hospitality. Smooth hardboard is available in a variety of familiar design choices featuring deep embossments and simple, pleasing lines. Achieve superior uniformity and durability while bringing vibrant color into any space.

The ideal canvas for paint, the high-density, smooth surface of hardboard features enhanced physical properties, no pronounced woodgrain and is available in the flush door style. Complement contemporary and modern styles with smooth, hardboard surface doors featuring distinct embossments.

Paint-grade birch is a closed grain hardwood available raw or primed only. Particleboard is made from ground wood chips bonded with adhesive. Particleboard cores are traditionally lower density and popular in a multitude of flush door applications.

Fire-rated options for particleboard cores include non-rated and minute options. Extra heavy-duty EHD particleboard is traditionally higher density and can provide extra reinforcement for surface-mounted hardware. Fire-rated options for EHD particleboard cores include non-rated up to minute options. Structural Composite Lumber SCL offers a durable, extra heavy-duty rated core comprised of strands of wood bound with resin.

Fire-rated options for SCL cores include non-rated and minute options. Reserved for elevated fire-rating requirements, Mineral Cores are composed of non-combustible materials that can be fire-rated for up to 90 minutes. Doors with mineral cores are typically specified where building codes require fire-rated constructions.

For environments where sound control is a concern, Masonite Architectural offers a variety of acoustic-rated constructions. Applications include healthcare, education, hospitality and office environments.

Radiation-shielded doors are lined with lead to protect building occupants. Applications include diagnostic imaging rooms and other healthcare environments. Hollow cores are lightweight and easy to transport. They are typically selected for interior applications in the multi-family and hospitality markets. Choose from the finest, trend-forward paints. Masonite Architectural combines years of experience with knowledge of modern design practices to curate the best paint selection.

Paints are professionally factory-applied to ensure the highest quality color, sheen, tint and tone.

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