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Orion bms can protocol

By | 12.10.2020

See the complete Orion 2 Change Log document. Below is a list of available configurations total number of cells measured in series :. Volume pricing is available starting at quantity 5 pieces. Inquire for details. Ewert Energy provides custom solutions as well as off the shelf components. Summary of Major Improvements Significantly smaller enclosure size for cell configurations.

Minimum heat dissipation requirements apply. Considerable boosts in measurement accuracy and processor speed allow for more advanced calculations and logic. Wider input power voltage range now 12vvDC compatible for better support on heavy vehicles and equipment. The Orion 2 BMS remains fully compatible with 12v applications. Ability to directly drive certain contactors on select inputs bypassing the need for intermediate signal relays in some situations —see supporting documentation for details.

New S tatus LED on the unit to indicate power status and the presence of faults. Addition of 2x new Multi-Purpose Output pins with programmable functions. Significant algorithm and software enhancements to improve overall system accuracy for parameters such as State of Charge and pack health.

Configurations available in increments of 12 cells in series. Centralized design provides high EMI and noise immunity. Performs intelligent cell balancing passive. Calculates state of charge SOC. Uses professional automotive-grade locking connectors. Can measure cell voltages between 0. OBD2 diagnostic protocol support. Find us:. Summary of Major Improvements. Quick Specifications. Software Downloads.Especially, found in automotive environments that plague other BMS systems.

Secondly, the Orion li-ion BMS is a full-featured lithium-ion battery management system that is specifically designed to meet the tough requirements. Particularly, of protecting and managing battery packs for. Basically, there are three main types of electric vehicles EVsclassed by the degree that electricity is used as their energy source. To simply put, Battery Management System is the brains behind battery packs.

They manage the output, charging and discharging and provide notifications on the status of the battery pack. They also provide critical safeguards to protect the batteries from damage. The single most important function that a battery management system performs is cell protection. Lithium-ion battery cells have two critical design issues; if you overcharge them you can damage them and cause overheating. If the cells are discharged below this threshold their capacity can become permanently reduced.

If the protector detects that the voltage across the cells exceeds a certain limit, it will discontinue the charge by opening the Charge MOSFET chip. Once the charge has gone back down to a safe level then the switch will close again.

The second most important function performed by a battery management system is energy management. So, in practical terms, energy management is very important in portable electronic devices.

A battery management system tracks this capacity. Battery management systems for certain applications like the one for this hand-held point-of-sales terminal also include an embedded charger consisting of a control device.

Not forgetting, an inductor which is an energy storage deviceand a discharger. After all, the control device manages the charging algorithm. For lithium-ion cells, the ideal charging algorithm is constant current and constant voltage. A battery pack usually consists of several individual cells that work together in combination. If the cells go out of balance, individual cells can get stressed. Leading to premature charge termination and a reduction in the overall cycle life of the battery.

The cell balancers of the battery management system, extend the life of the battery by preventing this imbalance of charge in individual cells from occurring.We are starting a four-part series on our major electrical components. We will also go into detail about how we wired and set up each of these components.

orion bms can protocol

We finally have everything in place to start testing things on our electrical system. It provides a brief introduction into what a BMS is and what it does. A BMS is important because batteries, especially lithium batteries, can be dangerous if not monitored. Everybody has heard about cell phones and laptop computers with lithium batteries catching fire or overheating. The risk for this type of event is increased many times over when the battery is overcharged or allowed to discharge further than it was designed to do.

When we first decided to experiment with these batteries, a BMS was the first thing we considered a "must have".

orion bms can protocol

We rank it right up there with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. As we shared in this previous postwe found two really great solutions for our battery. The first one was from Orion BMS and it seemed like a really solid product. The other was from REC. I think either of these two would have really been great for us.

I wrote each of them an email explaining our situation - what type of battery we are using, what inverters we are using, MPPT solar charge controllers etc. They were both very prompt and helpful with their responses, but the REC-BMS guys seemed more "in tune" with what we were doing. Their answers were much more specific and they just really went out of their way to fully answer my questions.

We will be tuning our parameters much lower with a max of 4. If the battery goes out of the parameters, the BMS will shut the battery off and sound an alarm. We want to tune them lower because we can get much, much more life up to 5X if we don't charge them to the absolute maximum and don't deplete them to the absolute minimum.

Monitors the temperature of the batteries. The BMS has 3 temperature probes in the batteries to gather this information. Lithium batteries cannot be charged if the temperature is below freezing. Balances the cells. The BMS will measure each cell as it is charging.

Orion BMS Junior – CAN

Cells that are at a higher Voltage than other cells will be balanced by discharging across a resistor. This is also tunable via software. BMS current measurement using a precision shunt resistor. Can protocol. Precharge circuit. Prolongs the life of our equipment by sending a trickle charge to components so that they don't get hit with the "in-rush" of current.

See: Wikipedia Article. Keep in mind that in our configuration of the Nissan Leaf modules, one "cell" is actually 14 smaller 33 Ah pouches wired together in parallel.

The temperature probes have a dedicated harness and plugin terminal. The Nissan Leaf modules have a great little space between the pouches to insert these probes.

Please see this video to see where we installed the probes. The shunt has a similarly dedicated harness to the temperature probes. Once we decided where the shunt was going to be mounted we cut the wire and installed new ring connectors to keep the shielded cable as short as possible.Magnetic Guide Sensors. Brushless DC Motor Controllers. Brushed DC Motor Controllers. AC Induction Motor Controllers. Robopads Charge System.

Battery Management Systems.

orion bms can protocol

Custom Motion Control Solutions. MicroBasic Scripting. Field Oriented Control. Magnetic Track AGV. Mecanum Drives. Ordering from Distributors. Ordering Online.

Track Your Shipment. With all of the features of the BMS10x0 combined into one product, its applications are almost limitless. Batteries are an important part of your system's cost. Well maintained batteries protect your investment. Motors use current to create traction, but will generate current when pushed. Roboteq's BMS10x0 is the only BMS on the market that is designed to function seamlessly with regenerative braking systems. It manages current flowing in and out of the battery pack, not just out.If you find a better price somewhere else please let us know.

We will do our best to match it or beat it! We strive to be your one stop shop for everything that you might need or want. Thank You. Stealth EV is a fully integrated EV solutions company, specializing in performance EV, Hybrid design, engineering, as well as production services. We offer comprehensive EV support for projects of all scopes and sizes, from parts and components, to consulting new projects, as well as engineering and building custom EVs from scratch.

We apply the most meticulous and high precision workmanship to bring to life one-of-a-kind vehicles that will resonate with your heart. Our passion and focus is in perfecting each system to its maximum performance, efficiency, and quality.

You would be surprised with how many hours and days we spend mauling over the tiniest details — every piece of wire, every connection, the position and shape of each nut and bolt, the safety precautions of each battery cell installed. But this is what we at Stealth EV specialize in above all — attention to the tiniest details that make all the greatest difference in the final product.

Every vehicle we design and build is guaranteed to operate and perform as immaculately as it looks. Battery Management Systems. Orion 36 Cell BMS. Orion 72 Cell BMS. Log in Remember me. Lost your password? Add to Wishlist. Orion 96 Cell BMS. Important: If you find a better price somewhere else please let us know. Product specifications. Related products. Minimum heat dissipation requirements apply.

The Orion 2 BMS remains fully compatible with 12v applications.CAN stands for Controller Area Networkwhich is a protocol adopted by the auto industry to allow micro-controllers and other devices in a vehicle to communicate with each other.

Also shown at center right is the PLX Kiwi Bluetooth module, which will use CAN2 to transmit cell and pack data to a touchscreen that will be installed in the center console. The shielding wires on both CAN pairs should also be connected to chassis ground to eliminate any extraneous electrical noise that could interfere with clean data transmission.

Once successfully mounted, all of the tabs across the top of the window become active, and the utility is ready to start processing pack data. My first step is to populate the cell table using the setup wizard, which offers many different brand names, capacities, and quantities of cells. Once the charger brings the pack to a preset upper voltage, the Orion then sets about top-balancing the cells by slowly draining them to match the level of those least charged.

It does this even after the BMS has turned the charger off. As seen above, live data on cells that are balancing are indicated in red. Since this is their first charge with the Orion, most all of the cells are being balanced except the two lowest. I was informed by Ewert that the pack balance will tighten up after multiple charge cycles. From then on, the only reason to break out the laptop is to periodically check pack health, and to install firmware updates.

What a great relief to know that all my cells had dodged the fatal bullet of deep discharge. The Orion website offers instructions to coach you through this. Once loaded and locked to the BMS, Torque displays real-time pack data, with valuable logging and graphing functions. The above image is a screenshot from my drive into work this AM.

Orion BMS (Original)

More blogposting about Torque here. Next up: Picking out a 7 inch touchscreen tablet! Great Job!

orion bms can protocol

Thanks Leroy. It was great bumping into you. We could have talked much longer. You commitment to driving green is admirable. It will be a sad day when LAX takes away free parking for electric vehicles. The bluetooth transmitter has separate wires for signal path and power. Here is a link:. Any device should come with a diagram that shows which pins are signal, and which are power. I also purchased an opposite gender ODBII connector to plug into the MX, and soldered my power and signal wires to the pigtail that was already attached to that.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS feed. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In the CAN CAN stands for Controller Area Networkwhich is a protocol adopted by the auto industry to allow micro-controllers and other devices in a vehicle to communicate with each other.The Orion BMS is a full featured lithium ion battery management system that is specifically designed to meet the tough requirements of protecting and managing battery packs for electric vehicles EVplug-in hybrid PHEV and hybrid vehicles HEV with automotive grade quality.

Ewert Energy provides custom solutions as well as off the shelf components. Battery Management System The Orion BMS is a full featured lithium ion battery management system that is specifically designed to meet the tough requirements of protecting and managing battery packs for electric vehicles EVplug-in hybrid PHEV and hybrid vehicles HEV with automotive grade quality. Basic Features.

Find us:. Health Monitoring Monitors internal resistance of individual cells and the measured capacity of the battery pack. Thermal Management Over-temperature and under-temperature protection with fan controls for cooling or heating. State of Charge Monitoring With Drift Coulomb counting and dynamic drift correction are used to monitor the state of charge. Intelligent Cell Balancing Efficient passive balancing is used to maximize the usable capacity of battery packs.

Field Programmable Parameters such as voltage ranges, current limits and many other settings are easily field changeable. Advanced Isolation Fault Detection Actively detects breakdowns in isolation between the battery and chassis.

Programmable Thermal Compensation Programmable thermal compensation provides SOC and current limit compensation at various temperatures. Cell Voltage Measuring Range. Number of Cells Supported In Series.

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