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Tunisia embassy

By | 10.10.2020

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tunisia embassy

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The state news agency TAP reported that one policeman was killed. Sirens could be heard on the major highway linking the Lac district, where the embassy is located, with Tunis and suburbs in the north.

The US embassy in a tweet urged people to avoid the area. Roads around security installations were closed in some parts of the capital and some international institutions were put on lockdown or evacuated.

tunisia embassy

Photographs of the blast site posted on social media showed debris strewn around the area of a security checkpoint that controls access to the embassy, and damaged vehicles. Last summer, Islamic State said it was behind militant blasts that struck the capital over the course of a week, including one near the French embassy that killed a policeman. Diplomats who have worked with Tunisia on its security capacity say it has grown more effective in preventing and responding to militant attacks in recent years.

Blast reported near US embassy in Tunisia’s capital

An al-Qaida group has been sheltering for years in the desolate, hilly terrain along a stretch of the border with Algeria and sometimes clashes with security forces there, but is regarded as having been closely contained. Hundreds of Tunisians have also travelled to Iraq, Syria or Libya in recent years to join Isis, and in members of the group rampaged across the border with Libya and fought the army in a border town, but were repulsed.

A ministry statement said the attackers in Tunis both died, while a civilian was slightly injured. One of the five injured police officers was in a critical condition, according to a lawmaker.

Security units were placed on a state of maximum alert, the ministry said. Hundreds of police swarmed around the scene and sharpshooters were visible on the roofs of nearby buildings.

Yosri Dali, the head of the armed forces and security commission, confirmed eyewitness reports that the attackers were on a motorcycle. Dali said that one of the injured police officers was in critical condition. The ministry statement said the patrolling officers suffered varying degrees of injuries.

The embassy, which was stormed by a crowd of hundreds input an advisory note on its website telling people to avoid the area. A flag in the US embassy compound, which is surrounded by walls, could be seen fluttering above the attack scene. Police taped off the area around the site, which was littered with charred debris. Scientific police could be seen sorting through remnants left by the attack. The US embassy, located in a residential area on the outskirts of Tunis, was attacked in along with a nearby American school by crowds of people angry at an anti-Muslim film produced in the US.

Security forces killed four people during an attack, in which the US flag was torn down and replaced with an Islamic flag. The original Associated Press copy incorrectly referred to five deaths. This article is more than 7 months old.If you need a new passport your application will require a personal appearance. Please bring the following to the Embassy:. For minors under age 16, click here for special requirements.

If eligible, you may be issued a limited validity passport if your travel is imminent. You will be required to replace this passport by mail click here when you complete your travel. You may not be issued another emergency passport until this passport is replaced. We therefore encourage you to replace your emergency passport immediately upon completion of your travel. Appointments are made through our convenient online system.

Please follow the links below to link to schedule an appointment:. In an emergency, please contact the U. The American Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or studios whose names appear in the list given below. The names are listed alphabetically and the order in which they appear has no other significance.

Footer Disclaimer This is the official website of the U. Embassy in Tunisia. External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

Home Page d'accueil U. Citizen Services Passports Renew a Passport.There are 59 Tunisian embassies and 72 consulates around the world. As these diplomatic missions offer a wide range of consular services, there are many reasons why someone might need to visit one.

One of the main reasons why non-Tunisian citizens visit is to apply for a visa to visit Tunisia. There are countless reasons why Tunisian citizens may need to visit an embassy or consulate, including obtaining a new passport or a birth certificate copy. This article explains how you can obtain a tourist visa and provides a complete list of Tunisian diplomatic offices around the world. To apply for a tourist visa from a Tunisian embassy it is necessary to provide the following documentation the documentation may vary slightly from country to country and it is also necessary to pay the visa fee.

The Tunisia eVisa will be available over the coming months and the process will be much simpler than an embassy application. The Tunisia eVisa application form will only take a matter of minutes to complete. Applicants will just need to answer a series of basic questions and pay a fee using a credit or debit card.

Most applications are quickly approved and visitors can enter by just presenting the eVisa at the border. Find out more about the difference between a Tunisia online visa and an embassy visa. Here are some of the most visited Tunisian embassies including their addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses:. Here is a full list of all the Tunisian embassies around the world. Each country only has one embassy though there is no limit to the number of consulates see the list below.

Tunisia suicide attack kills one police officer and injures five others

Here is a complete list of Tunisian consulates. In comparison to embassies, consulates offer more limited consular services. Current Requirements to Obtain a Tourist Visa from a Tunisian Embassy To apply for a tourist visa from a Tunisian embassy it is necessary to provide the following documentation the documentation may vary slightly from country to country and it is also necessary to pay the visa fee. Completed visa application form Valid passport minimum of 6 months remaining Copy of the passport biographical page One recent photo Accommodation reservation or letter of invitation.

A valid passport from an eligible country A credit or debit card to pay the visa fee An active email address to receive the approved eVisa.The facility which is part of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, supports a national and international community of more than scientists who use neutrons for research in The purpose of the visit was to learn more about the export journey of this award winning company that provides machines to over 95 countries.

It provided the opportunity Tunisian Ambassador Nabil Ben Khedher and other Heads of Diplomatic Missions accredited to the Court of St James attended this special event which saw over parading soldiers, horses and musicians taking part in this great display of military precision, horsemanship and fanfare.

Renew a Passport

Marco Mongiello, Dean International, and Dr. Zeineb Cox. It is with great pleasure that the Embassy announces the publication of the first issue of its bimonthly newsletter which is intended to provide an update on the Tunisian-British. It is also a country that marvellously combines tradition and modernity.

Finally, Tunisia is a country which succeeds in combining its own indefinable charm with other, European-like qualities. Tunisia's secular reputation for being a host and tolerant country is undoubtedly linked to its history engulfed by diverse civilizations that have succeeded one another over the centuries.

Berber, Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Turkish or French, as many civilizations have shaped the personality of Tunisians and have bequeathed to them, through the generations, not only the imprints of hospitality and tolerance The free nature of the education system in Tunisia, its quality and its accessibility resulted in the following :. Being among the most competitive economies in Africa and the Arab world, the Tunisian economy offers businesses an environment of higher quality than those found in main competing countries.

Tunisia is a valuable destination for foreign investment thanks to the multitude of incentives and benefits it offers. Foreign companies can benefit from multiple tax and financial incentives including:. The year was marked in Tunisia by a further step towards democracy with the adoption of a new Constitution which resulted in the organisation of successful parliamentary and presidential elections. The formation of a new coalition government in February is a historic coronation for the country.

The event Nabil Ben Khedher, Ambassador. Monday -Friday 9am to5 Pm Consular service 9. Quick links Our missions abroad.Two suicide bombers blew themselves up near the United States Embassy in Tunis on Friday, killing one police officer and injuring four more and a civilian in the most serious attack to hit Tunisia in months. Embassy staff was unharmed in the attack, which occurred in a part of the capital that is home to several embassies and the offices of international institutions.

No group immediately claimed responsibility. Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring uprisings, has sustained a sometimes fractious transition to democracy since protests deposed its authoritarian ruler, Zine El Abidine Ben Aliin But it has also been a target of Islamist militants. Three major attacks inclaimed by the Islamic State, killed dozens of people. The attack on Friday occurred around 11 a.

Tunisia Embassy list in United States of America

The American ambassador to Tunisia, Donald Blome, offered his condolences to the family and colleagues of the police officer who was killed, identified by Tunisian officials as Lt. Taoufik Missaoui. The attackers on Friday drove a motorcycle toward a police truck, which was parked near the embassy and was damaged in the explosion. Security forces cordoned off the area, which was strewn with debris and body parts. In recent years, Tunisia has struggled to control a threat from Al Qaeda and other Islamist groups.

It remains under a state of emergency, and its porous borders with Algeria and Libya have allowed militants to leave and return. Tunisians have contributed heavily to the ranks of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, with at least 5, going to Syria and Iraq to fight. As many as 1, flowed to neighboring Libya. Last June, two suicide bombers set off explosions in separate attacks in Tunis, killing a police officer and wounding eight people.

In Octobera woman injured 15 people, including 10 police officers, when she blew herself up in central Tunis. The U. Embassy in Tunis was attacked in by crowds protesting an anti-Muslim video.

tunisia embassy

Embassy in Tunisia. Lilia Blaise contributed reporting. Home Page World U.Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery.

tunisia embassy

Monday, October 12, Forgot your password? Get help. Diplomatic portal. Report Content. Launched in December by the Belgrade Initiative for Digital and Public Diplomacy BIDDthe Diplomatic Portal is a gateway to easily accessible information and certain online facilities at the service of diplomatic missions, consular posts and international organizations in Serbia.

It aims to be an important information channel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Diplomatic Missions providing, thus, an increased interaction among the members of the Diplomatic Corps, and serving as a platform for connecting diplomats accredited to Belgrade. In this newly updated version of the Diplomatic Portalyou will also find information about the latest news from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic news from the embassies and international organizations, relating to a vast array of diverse events such as seminars, workshops, film festivals, sport tournaments or concerts that are of relevance to the Diplomatic Corps in Belgrade as well as the information on National Days celebrated by the foreign embassies in Belgrade and the presentation of credentials.

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